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In Ann Arbor, there are many different types of yoga. And, I can say that I have tried almost every type of yoga. Bikram yoga is my favorite. The teachers are very welcoming to new students and encouraging to older students. They offer help to get a pose correct. Also, the teachers are knowlegeable in other health related fields. The regular students are friendly and helpful to new students. So, after a short while it feels like you have made new friends. The studio itself is bright and clean. There is plenty of room for shoes, bags, and jackets. There are tables, stools, and benches for conversation or reading. The women's locker room is large and has 3 showers. The entire experience of going to yoga, participating in the 90 minute class, and winding down in the lounge or locker room is something that I look forward to. I try to get there as many times a week as I can.


"No matter what your age, shape, or fitness level, you can feel comfortable here. I have practiced different types of yogas at different studios in town over the years, but none even came close to the impact Bikram has had on my life. I'm hooked!"

–- Maureen

I have so many positive things to say about this studio that it's hard to know where to start with this review. I began my Bikram yoga journey a little over a month ago, and already - in such little time - I can feel that my life has changed - physically, mentally, and socially. I really appreciate the time spent in the studio because I've met new friends who are supportive, encouraging, and open-minded. As a new student, I only knew one person when I started (the amazing friend who introduced me to Bikram in the first place!). But now, I walk in the door and many of the other students either know me by name, or at least recognize me and smile, or cheerfully say hello. People go out of their way to introduce themselves, and share in the joys and difficulties of Bikram yoga because they "get it." Many students practice very regularly, so you'll see a lot of familiar faces each time you go!

The instructors are very vibrant and enthusiastic - always willing to answer questions and provide the motivation needed to help you keep coming back! Each contributes their own unique personality and style to their classes, which keeps the classes varied and interesting. The teachers - whether veteran or new - are all very knowledgeable about the relationship between Bikram yoga and the human body, and because they are all great instructors, I never have to worry about who is teaching which classes - I just show up and enjoy.

With regard to the studio itself, I am happy to report that it looks amazing! Within the past week alone, they have renovated several aspects of the studio - new high-tech carpeting, fresh paint on the walls, and other small but noticeable improvements all around the studio that make it look clean and modern (new mats and new towels!), but still the same welcoming (read: unpretentious) atmosphere that everyone loves. Taking classes at Ann Arbor Bikram Yoga has been one of the best decisions I've made for myself in a while. The numerous benefits I've experienced in such a short period of time are serving as continued motivation to keep up my newfound habit.

–~ Amanda

I have been practicing Bikram for over 4 years and I am proud to be a member of Ann Arbor Bikram Yoga Studio. I visited many studios around US and always happy to come back to AABY! Our studio is located in a convenient place (close to Whole Foods and Panera Bread), has a large room that fits over 70 students, and most importantly hires amazing staff. Most of our teachers have been practicing and teaching Bikram for a very long time, and with their extended knowledge they are always happy to answer questions and help every individual to improve and understand own practice!

The most exciting news is that our studio is going through dramatic improvements. Very recently owners have replaced carpets, added water fountains and planning to expand changing and lobby area! Weekly schedule holds 35 classes! AND every class is packed! That's the biggest statement. It is great to practice and improve among so many passionate students!!!!
–~ Aleksandra

I've practiced Bikram Yoga at several other studios and this one, my "home" studio, is my favorite. The instructors do a great job of keeping students focused and encouraging new students. While Bikram Yoga can be quite challenging to practice, this studio has a great "vibe" and is truly a supportive place to practice. 

–~ Ginny

Ann Arbor Bikram Yoga is an awesome place to practice hot yoga. The studio has friendly and knowledgeable instructors, a schedule that offers classes morning, noon and night, and a beautiful environment to practice in. The studio has just installed new flooring and color scheme, resulting in a very "zen" and peaceful setting for yoga. This is only the beginning of a renovation which will include an expanded space for the lobby and changing areas. Bikram yoga is a very disciplined form of yoga, and all of the instructors at the Ann Arbor studio do a great job of guiding students through the class, from beginners to more advanced students (and everyone in between!). They give good verbal cues in addition to really describing the benefits of each of the 26 postures as you go through the class. Overall, it is a great studio with wonderful people--both teachers and students--which creates great energy for yoga! I would highly recommend the Ann Arbor studio for anyone interested in trying Bikram Yoga; they offer a great new student special--a perfect way to start practicing yoga.

–~ Debbie